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Abu Gosh first
Abu Gosh is a conceptual street food with authentic Israeli food.
In a small space of 22 sq.m we designed an open kitchen, comfortable seatings, a mezzanine for storage and a vintage fountain with drinking water.

There is a large communal table that was designed for large noisy companies of friends in the centre of the room, and at the windowsills, we designed a high landing seats with soft pillows. 

Near the entrance there is a showcase with Middle Eastern products and decorated with patterned handmade tiles, a kitchen counter through which you can observe the magical process of preparing Israeli cuisine. 

The furniture has also been fit into the interior, becoming part of the overall picture; solid oak tables, multi-colored chairs, table stands, window sills, arched shelves, antique green fountain - all this is designed to create new excitement for the guest, who will later gladly share his or hers experience with others.
Abu Gosh first
August 2019
22 м2
Founder and Designer
Shushana Khachatrian
Art director
Shushana Khachatrian
Sergey Evseev
Procurement manager
Yasmeen Lavritskaya
Polina Poludkina
Public Interiors: Restaurants and bars